4 Easy and Cheap Ways You Can Help the Planet Today

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about the state of the planet these days. Images of pollution come across our social media feeds almost daily, like the recent viral video of trash rolling in with the tide off the coast of South Africa, or the heart breaking illustration of a mother seagull bringing her infant trash to eat. Pollution can feel like an insurmountable issue, but there are small and easy ways you can help fix the problem in your daily life. These four things will help you kickstart your journey to becoming more conscious about the waste you inevitably produce.

  1. Recycle.

Recycling is one of most simple tasks you can perform to reduce waste. It is also extremely cheap — my service costs only 12 extra dollars every quarter, or $3/month. That’s less than a Netflix subscription, and much more satisfying than your 6 hour Friends binge! Create a separate bin for your recycling items and check with your garbage company on what you can and can’t recycle.

2. Reusable grocery bags.

Did you know that plastic grocery bags are not recyclable through most curbside recycling programs? Some grocery stores, like Kroger, have bins in the front of the store that allow you to return plastic bags on your next visit. However, if you’re forgetful like me and your plastic bag collection ends up reaching the ceiling before you finally remember to return them, you might want to consider purchasing reusable grocery bags. Get a 10 pack on Amazon for just $23.99 — and as an added bonus they come in pretty colors with a storage bag for no mess.

3. De-litter.

Whether you’re on a hike with friends, strolling down the beach with your loved one, or walking your dog, you can always help the planet by picking up trash other less conscious nature lovers leave behind. Carry a separate baggie so you have somewhere to store the trash, then dispose of it in a public trash bin or wait until you’re home so you can be sure to recycle! The planet will thank you for your community service, and you’ll feel great for leaving nature better than you found it.

4. Don’t litter!

This may seem like a no brainer, but with the amount of trash on the side of the roads and along hiking trails it can’t be left unsaid. Keep a waste bag in your car for your trash, and carry a light day bag with you on your next hike so you reduce your footprint on the Earth.

If we do our small parts as individuals, then we have a much stronger chance as communities to help our planet become a cleaner, more livable place not only for ourselves but for animals, too!




Georgia Native. Dog Mom. Reading, hiking, travel, drinking. I like all things that are good.

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Kristy Lynn Riley

Kristy Lynn Riley

Georgia Native. Dog Mom. Reading, hiking, travel, drinking. I like all things that are good.

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